Clarion NX405EC Campervan Navigation

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Search the best route for camping cars
With POICON database, you can search for the optimal route takeing the size and weight restrictions of your vehicle into consideration. The NX405EC will guide you through routes that avoid roads that are too narrow and overpasses that are too low.

Rear vision camera compatible for added safety
Created with installation in camping cars in mind, NX405EC is compatible with rear vision cameras. Just install the optional colour camera for assured visibility of what’s behind the vehicle when driving or parking.

  • Supply Only - Price £729.00
    Including Workshop Fitting - Price from £799.00
    Including Location Fitting - Price from £829.00
  • High-precision GPS navigation using camping car and caravan specific POI database
  • The GPS navigation system includes POICON database with
  • More than 28,000 camping & pitches in 46 european countries
  • More than 700 camping car & caravan markets
  • More than 13,000 POIs with images
  • Rich descriptions and ratings
  • Take out the hassle by letting one of our highly trained technicians install your Clarion NX405EC Campervan Navigation for you.

    Please note : Additional fitting components are usually required subject to the make and model of your vehicle which we can quote you for prior to the installation.

    Contact us on 01924 201884 or email to book your appointment.

    Navigation optimised for camping cars
    The GPS navigation system of the NX405EC incorporates map data that has been optimised for camping cars and caravans driving. It can search and display routes that avoid areas that are restricted due to the size and weight of your vehicle. In addition, are also included camping area and sanistation information to make your trip as comfortable as possible, with the most optimum route available.

    Latest Map Guarantee (LMG)
    Owners can download the latest map data from our dedicated web portal. The first download is free of charge, providing it is done within 45 days of the product receiving its first GPS signal.This guarantees that you will be using the most up to date map data available for route planning and guidance. Notice: In order to make this download possible, the product must first be registered on

    microSD card slot for updates
    Navigation map updates can be uploaded to the supplied microSD card slot. Just access the Clarion portal site using your PC, save data to a microSD card and insert it into the card slot in front of the NX405EC. You’re done in no time!

    * You can get the free 45 day Latest Map Guarantee.
    * You can buy the updated map data.

    iPhone® audio & video playback for easy operation like you’re used to
    Audio and video playback operations at the source unit offer the same simplicity as your iPhone. Album artwork as well as album and artist names are also displayed.
    Alphabet Search lets you tap in keywords to search for artists, etc. and shows matches as soon as you input anywhere from one to three characters, greatly speeding up the process.

    HDMI™ mode — Enjoy your apps on the big screen
    A simple cable connection makes it possible to display your smartphone screen on the unit’s monitor.

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    Pictures and videos taken on your smartphone can be enjoyed in your car.
    Searching via the internet and music/video playback are also possible.

    Bluetooth® for hands-free communication and audio streaming
    Built-in Bluetooth provides hands-free voice communication, compatible with a wide variety of mobile phones. A built-in microphone* enables you talk and drive at the same time. Play music stored on any Bluetooth device, whether it's a mobile phone or a portable audio player, with wireless convenience. The pairing process is extremely simple, as there is no need to input a complicated pass code at the NX405EC or at the Bluetooth device. All you need to do is to confirm that the pass codes match at the NX405EC and Bluetooth device for connection to occur.
    * Optional external microphone ready

    Dual rear USB for even more connectivity
    Equipped with two USB terminals on the rear of the source unit, it’s easy to connect a variety sources. You can play music/video files stored on a USB memory device portable audio player or smartphone.

    User interface offers superior visibility and intuitive operation
    The large, highly visible and intuitive icons on the touch panel make it easy to operate the unit from day one. Flick operation support enables you to scroll through map screens as well as music selection screens and more.

    Extensive media support for high-quality video and audio enjoyment
    In addition to CDs and DVDs, the NX405EC also supports playback of music and video files stored on a smartphone and USB Flash Drive. Incorporation of a high-speed CPU enables highquality H.264 video as well as FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) audio files to be enjoyed in your car.

    728 variable colour key illumination
    You’re free to select the exact colour you want, to match your car’s instrument panel or match your mood today.

    Beat EQ for customisable sound
    In addition to providing 3 preset equalisation patterns — BASS BOOST, IMPACT and EXCITE — Clarion’s Beat EQ allows you the freedom to customise the level and range of the bass, midrange and treble portions of each pattern. You can adjust the sound to your liking, depending on the genre of music, for a more fulfilling listening experience.

    Screen Size (Inches) 6
    Aspect Ratio 16 9
    Display Type 6.0" WVGA
    Drive Principle TFT active matrix
    Number of Pixels 1,152,000 pixels (800 RGB(H) × 480 (V) × 3)
    Frequency Bands FM/AM FM
    AM (kHz) 9 kHz steps
    Useable Discs DVD-Video/DVD ±R/DVD ±RW
    Frequency Response (Hz) 20 - 20,000
    Distortion (%) 0,05
    S/N Ratio (dB) 1 kHz 93dB
    Frequency Response (Hz) 20 - 20,000
    Dynamic Range (dB) 1 kHz 93
    Distortion (%) 0,05
    Power Output (DIN45324, +B = 14,4 V) 25W
    Dimensions (W × H × D) 178 × 100 × 172
    Weight (Lbs) 5,0
    Power Consumption 4A @ 1W
    Power Requirement 10.8V - 15.6V
    Speaker Impedance 4& 937; - 8&

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