Hands Free Car Kits

Welcome to our Hands Free Car Kits section, please note that the price of the kit does not include the vehicle specific connection cable so please check by contacting us for the price for your car. We are a Parrot Certified Installer and have fitted literally thousands of in car handsfree bluetooth car kits over the the last 25 years, and can usually fit a hands free kit to any car.
Six points and 200 fine for mobile phone use while driving. Any driver caught using their mobile phones will face six points, a 200 fine and have no option of a remedial course.
Why risk the chance of causing an accident, a 200.00 fine and 6 Penalty Points on your Licence when you can buy a Hands Free Car Kit, from only 79.00 please ask for details. Parrot provide a maximum 2 Year Warranty on the kit and we offer a Lifetime Installation Guarantee against any installation defects. (subject to original purchaser and original installation)
You can contact us by email or by phone, or of course in person at our showrooms in Wakefield and we will guide you through the options and the prices.