Ultimate Van Alarm

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This is our best selling Ultimate Van Security System including the class leading Sigma S30 Thatcham Category 1 Alarm and Immobiliser, plus extra alarm contacts to trigger the alarm in the event of a "peel and steal" attempt, and an extra siren in the load area siren, plus load area deadlocks in one complete package, saving you £140.00, its our best offer on van security.

  • Supply Only - Price £249.00
    Including Workshop Fitting - Price from £599.00
    Including Location Fitting - Price from £649.00
  • Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm and Immobiliser
  • Extra Door Contacts
  • Extra Siren
  • Load Area Deadlocks
  • Take out the hassle by letting one of our highly trained technicians install your Ultimate Van Alarm for you.

    Please note : Additional fitting components are usually required subject to the make and model of your vehicle which we can quote you for prior to the installation.

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    With this van alarm fitted you are protecting your van with a state of the art Thatcham Approved (for Insurance purposes) Category 1 Alarm and Immobiliser. Rather than relying on the existing remote key fob locking supplied with your van (with or without alarm) you can add this Sigma Alarm with separate key fobs to Arm and Disarm the alarm and operate the central locking. This means that if key cloning is used the van will not start and the new alarm will sound, they cannot bypass the new alarm by this method.

    Thatcham Category 1 alarm/Immobiliser system, providing perimiter protection of all doors thats cab and load area, bonnet and ultrasonic interior protection
    Supplied with 2 x single button radio keys, self powered siren, keypad and tri-coloured status LED
    The system has full, in-built, CDL control to power/switch a vehicle’s Central Door Locking system
    Dual immobilisation circuits
    Key theft protection facility
    Auxiliary siren, armed accessory, total closure, interior lamp illumination, headlamp illumination, 2-stage unlock and boot release or remote engine start/stop outputs (separate module required)
    Sophisticated programming and diagnostic facility via either the keypad or a CP3 workshop programmer

    Full central door locking/unlocking control (with the ability to adjust the pulse length, to provide a double pulse or adjust the delay period)
    Armed output (negative 200mA max )
    Additional siren/pager output (negative 200mA max)
    Total closure output (via holding down the radio key when arming or for a timed period with the ability to adjust the pulse length, to provide a double pulse or adjust the delay period – negative 200mA max
    Total open/boot release output (via holding down the radio key when disarming or for a timed period with the ability to adjust the pulse length, to provide a double pulse or adjust the delay period – negative 200mA max)
    Interior lamp illumination output (negative 200mA max)
    Headlamp illumination output (negative 200mA max)
    Secure ignition PIN override
    Secure PIN override using the keypad
    Silent arm and disarm (audible bleeps can be programmed back on, however this will breach current legislation)
    The last circuit to trigger can be excluded using the keypad
    The vehicle’s battery voltage can be checked using the keypad
    The sensors are excludable using the keypad, ignition or remotely with the optional two button radio key)

    Auto lock can be programmed to lock the vehicle at the start of a journey when the ignition is turned on, and then unlock when the ignition is turned off. This can be excluded on individual occasions
    Two stage unlock can be configured to only unlock the driver’s door when the system is disarmed, the remaining doors are only unlocked if the radio key is pressed a second time.

    2 x extra load area door contacts to trigger the alarm in the event a peel and steal attempt is made, plus an extra internal siren.

    2 x T Series Deadlocks fitted to load area doors.

    2 x single button radio keys (programmable, water and shock resistant with random 66-bit encryption to prevent scanning and code grabbing. Lost or stolen radio keys can be programmed out)
    Perimeter protection circuit for boot and bonnet (negative input)
    Perimeter protection circuit for doors (positive or negative input)
    Closed loop protection circuit (looped wire to protect accessories, trailers, bike racks etc)
    Ignition detection circuit
    Ultrasonic interior protection (base sensitivity adjustable, length of disturbance adjustable, and automatically adjusts if any movement is detected during the threshold time)
    2 x circuit, passively setting, immobilisation (18 amp continuous/30 amp max)
    Manual arm, using the radio key (or programmable auto arm, which automatically arms the system 60 seconds after the last door is shut - adjustable between 1 and 99 seconds. Auto arm can also be programmed to lock the vehicle if required)
    Auto re-arm can be programmed to re-arm the system if a door is not opened within 60 seconds of disarming the system -adjustable between 1 and 99 seconds. Auto re-arm also re-locks the vehicle
    A key theft protection feature can be turned on to prevent the radio keys automatically de-activating the immobilisation when the alarm system is disarmed. In this mode the system's PIN must also be entered into the keypad before the vehicle can be started. This prevents theft of a vehicle even with the owner’s keys
    Last trigger identification via the dashboard LED and a record of the elapsed time since the last trigger, can be recalled using the keypad or a CP3 workshop programmer
    The total trigger count memory for each individual circuit since the was system installed or the memory re-set is also stored in the system's memory
    Additional plug in single stage sensor socket (see optional accessories)
    Additional plug in dual stage sensor socket and siren pre-warn facility (see optional accessories)
    Secure data linked, self powered siren included

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