Alpine SBG-30KIT

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Great Value: SBG-30KIT - 12" (30cm) High Performance Subwoofer Package

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  • When there gone there gone..!!
  • Limited Stocks
  • Massive 550 Watts Maximum Power
  • Mono Block Amplifier
  • 12" Sub in a Box
  • Wiring Kit Included
  • SBG-30KIT - 12" (30cm) High Performance Subwoofer Package
    Attractive "All-in-one-box" Bass Upgrade Kit - SBG-30KIT
    This product is a bundle consisting of the digital V-Power  mono amplifier MRV-M250, the 12" (30cm) bass reflex subwoofer SBG-30BR and an included high quality wiring kit.
    Remote Bass Level Control included.
    SBG-30BR: 12” (30cm) Type-G Bass Reflex Subwoofer (2Ohm)
    MRV-M250: Digital V-POWER Mono Amplifier
    High Quality Wiring Kit
    Remote Bass Level Control  

    [Boxed Subwoofer]
    12” (30cm) Type-G Bass Reflex
    800W Peak Power Handling (2 Ohms)
    Included Protection Bars
    Dimensions 383mm(W) x 390mm(H) x 304mm / 411mm(D)
    550 Watts Max. Power
    Adjustable Low Pass Filter, 50-400Hz @24dB/oct.
    Variable Bass EQ (fc=50Hz), 0 to +12dB
    RCA & Speaker Inputs
    Dimensions 190mm(W) x 55mm(H) x 200mm(D)
    Wiring Kit
    5m RCA Cable with Remote Line
    6m Battery Cable, incl. Fuse Holder and Fuse
    1m Ground Cable
    2m Speaker Cable
    Remote Control
    12dB of linear Adjustment Range
    5m Connection Cable included
    Easy plug and play Installation  

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