Alpine Sub & Amp Package

from £249.00

Now we are getting into our "Better Range" with an upgraded subwoofer and amplifier, for those of you who want just that little bit more bass but still at a great price.

  • Supply Only - Price £249.00
    Including Workshop Fitting - Price from £349.00
    Including Location Fitting - Price from £399.00

Take out the hassle by letting one of our highly trained technicians install your Alpine Sub & Amp Package for you.

Please note : Additional fitting components are usually required subject to the make and model of your vehicle which we can quote you for prior to the installation.

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In this better Sub and Amp Package 3 you are upgrading to the SBG-1044BR ready boxed 10" subwoofer with the blue illumination to give your boot that extra wow factor, so it not only sounds good it also looks cool!

The amplifier supplied is the Alpine MRV-M250 Mono Block.
Thousands of car audio fans have relied on V-Power amplifiers for dependable, quality power. Now in their fourth generation, V-Power amplifiers carry on this heritage and prove that playing strong never looked our sounded better. Yes, it is possible to improve upon a good thing.


Total Max Power 550 W
250W RMS x 1 (2& 937;, 14.4V, &
150W RMS x 1 (4& 937;, 14.4V, &
Evolution to Class D digital platform
New snap-on terminal covers for easy installation
SBG-1044BR - Ready to use Bass Reflex Subwoofer
With 500W peak power handling, this ready-to-use bass reflex subwoofer box is just the thing for big bass fans. It has a pre-installed SWG-1044 subwoofer and is all wired with high quality terminals in the back. Acrylic windows on the top and side provide an inside view and the blue illumination adds a cool effect. A protective grille ensures that nothing sliding around in the boot damages the woofer.

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