AP 500 Electronic Cruise Control

from £249.00

Cruise Control System specially designed for earlier vehicles, universal fitment, save fuel and drive safer. Essential if towing a caravan or trailer. Control available seperately CM7/CM35

  • Supply Only - Price £249.00
  • Designed for earlier Cable Operated Throttles
  • Electronic Actuator
  • Drive in a more relaxed and comfortable manner. Reduce fuel consumption. Avoid accidental speeding. Reduce exhaust gas emissions. Fully Electronic Actuator with Universal fitment Tested and approved by TÜV, the AP500 professional cruise control satisfies all the latest European Directives for automotive accessories. Numerous safety features have been included in the Cruise Control systems to guarantee reliable and safe operation under all circumstances. Option of different control style, stalk or control pad Designed for vehicles with a cable operated throttle If you need a cruise control fitting to your vehicle then this is the system for you if you drive an older car without the "drive by wire" system.
    Please note that you also have to purchase the control stalk or pad at £49.00 plus fitting at £40.00.

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