Audison AV K6


Top of the range Audison Component Car Speakers

  • Very High End Speakers
  • Superb Musicality
  • TWEETER Tetolon® dome, a combination of silk and cotton with proprietary damping treatment, provides low mass and resonance-free response up to ultrasonic frequencies. CCAW (Copper Clad Aluminium Wire) voice coil wound on double layer, extremely lightweight and compact, resulting in a very high efficiency and a crisp, dynamic sound. 3 The annular geometry of the Rear Damping Chamber, together with the proprietary damping material, extends the frequency response to lower limits and reduces harmonic distortion. 4 High flux density Neodymium REN® magnet, for very high efficiency and detailed sound.
    WOOFER The profile of the aerodynamic basket’s spokes along with the “open-air” design ensure drastic reduction of back-wave reflections. 2 The exclusive Butyl rubber “Triple Wave” surround profile provides full linearity as well as reliable performance under extreme conditions. 3 Extremely lightweight and compact, the CCAW (Copper Clad Aluminium Wire) voice coils wound on double layer provide very high efficiency and neat, dynamic sound. 4 Cotton-fibre pressed paper cone with “Light Damping” treatment. 5 The Radial Venting System ensures high thermal capability, power handling and reliability

    AV K6 2-WAY SYSTEM Component 2-way System
    Size AV 6.5 Woofer 165 (6”1/2) mm (inch) AV 1.1 Tweeter 28 (1”1/8) Power Handling W peak 250 W continuous 125 Impedance ? 4 Frequency Response Hz 50 ÷ 22k Sensitivity dB/SPL 91 Crossover included Lo/Hi-Pass 2.5 kHz @ 12/12 dB/Oct. Componet adjustment Tweeter +2; 0; -2 dB Magnet size - Woofer mm 90 x 40 x 15 D x d x h (inch) (3” 9/16 x 1” 9/16 x 9/16”) Magnet size - Tweeter mm 28 x 3 D x h (inch) (1” 1/8 x 1/8”) Weight of one Woofer 1,2 (2,7) component kg (lb) Tweeter 0,07 (0,16) Voice Coil Ø Woofer 30 (1”3/16) mm (inch) Tweeter 28 (1”1/8)
    comp 2 way System
    Size 165 mm (6.5") Woofer
    28 mm (1"1/8) Tweeter
    88,3 x 123 x 36 mm (3"1/2 x 4"13/16 x 1"7/16) Crossover
    Power Handling 125 W Continuous Power
    250 W Peak Power
    4 & 8486;
    Frequency Response 50 - 22k Hz
    Sensitivity 91 dB/Spl

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