Blackvue DR450-1CH

from £139.00

The BlackVue DR450 Series is all about simplicity and reliability.
The DR450-1CH is a single-channel dashcam that packs Full HD video recording in a small form factor.
With its compact design, the DR450-1CH is almost invisible to the driver’s eye, letting you focus on the road, knowing that you are protected.

  • Supply Only - Price £139.00
    Including Workshop Fitting - Price from £189.00
    Including Location Fitting - Price from £209.00
    Optional GPS Antenna - Price £40.00
  • Discreet Forward Facing camera
  • Optional GPS Antenna £40.00
  • Take out the hassle by letting one of our highly trained technicians install your Blackvue DR450-1CH for you.

    Please note : Additional fitting components are usually required subject to the make and model of your vehicle which we can quote you for prior to the installation.

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    Full HD 1080p @30fps
    With its 2MP CMOS sensor, the BlackVue DR450-1CH records detailed footage in Full HD resolution at 30 frames per second.

    Built-in impact and motion detection enable your BlackVue to switch between 3 different recording modes (Normal/Event/Parking) automatically depending on the circumstances.
    Videos files are marked accordingly so that you can easily find relevant ones with the BlackVue Viewer.
    Loop recording: Your BlackVue automatically writes over the oldest files when the memory is full.

    The BlackVue Viewer is free to download and use.
    It lets you easily change your BlackVue configuration settings.
    Displays videos chronologically and by type (Normal/Event/Parking) to quickly identify and archive important footage.

    The full matte black body blends into any vehicle’s interior with discretion, and the lockable microSD card slot provides additional protection against data tempering.

    Add geolocation and speed data to your videos.
    Visualize your route on a map with the free BlackVue Viewer.

    with Power Magic Pro or Power Magic Battery Pack.
    Rest easy, knowing that your car is being monitored while you are away.
    BlackVue automatically switches to Parking Mode to monitor your parked vehicle, but only writes to the memory card when something happens (motion or impact detected), which has two benefits:
    Less chance for important files to be overwritten during long Parking Mode sessions.
    Extended memory card lifespan in the long run.

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