DB1.3 1Ohm Class D Monoblock Subwoofer 12v Power Amplifier 2500w RMS


Boasting improved performance, 0 AWG power terminals and a host of detail changes the new DB1.3 is a powerhouse in a compact and very sleek package. Using ahuge oversized Class D power supply the DB1.3 uses the same architecture as its smaller sibling for big kicks and extended low tones. But with the DB1.3 you get double the output. The DB1.3 is also able to be run at 16v if you have an advanced power set up. You can make the most of this and enjoy even more power output from your amplifier. The DB1.3 is a competition grade mono-block amp for serious bass installs and is perfect for driving our larger woofers. Now featuring a new remote control with clip light and display. Throughout Europe the DB1.3 has become the go-to choice of avantegard enthusiasts who want enormous power with reliablity, repeatability and great value.

  • Latest Version Of Our Contest Winning Mono Amplifier
  • Incredible Power - Fantastic Value Per Watt
  • Remote control with clip light
  • Highly Efficient Class D Topology
  • Load Optimised for Transient Stability at Low Impedance's
  • T.D.O.S. Amplifier Protection Circuitry
  • O.P.S. Oversized Power Supply
  • Up To 6V Ready Pre Amp Input Stage
  • Low THD Audiophile Components
  • Variable Phase 0-180 Degrees
  • High Density Cast Aluminium Heatsink Body
  • Thermally Efficient Heatsink Coating
  • Variable Subsonic Filter
  • Variable Bass Boost
  • Variable Low Pass Crossover
  • Prototype – Initially there were 10 prototypes created and tested. Design issues were addressed and noted but the overall quality and performance was good enough to warrant a production model. V1 – A small batch was made with the design flaws fixed. Most were exported to continental Europe. V2 – A larger batch was made and these had the addition of larger 0 AWG power terminals. These had text printed on the top and yellow PCB. 16v operational voltage introduced. Not compatible with V1 for strapping. V3 – Slight design tweaks to the board layout to improve reliability under low impedances. Blue PCB board and some other aesthetic tweaks. Improved packaging. Not backwards compatible with V2 for strapping. V4 – Further reliability tweaks and doubling (!) of power supply capacitor bank. Also a controlled line level output for reliably “daisy chaining” for larger multi amp systems, enabling accurate gain control of all amps from 1 remote. New remote control with clip light. Visually this model has the new logo panel to distinguish it from the earlier models. Not compatible with V3 or V2 for strapping. V5 – The V4 is an absolute triumph - probably our favourite product in the whole range. There is literally nothing we feel that we could do to improve it at this point except to remove the "DB1.3" printing from the front panel so it can be installed any way up. The model designation printing on this will be on the end of the amp instead. We expect deliveries of the V5 unit to begin Q4 2017. Compatible with V4 for strapping.

    Quoted Maximum Unfused Power, No THD Limit (Watts) 5000
    Quoted Maximum Unfused RMS, No THD Limit (Watts) 2500
    Quoted RMS Per Channel 4Ohm, No THD Limit (Watts) 1000
    Quoted RMS Per Channel 2Ohm, No THD Limit (Watts) 1500
    Quoted RMS Per Channel 1Ohm, No THD Limit (Watts) 2500
    Verified RMS 14.4V Per Channel 4Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 709@1%, 59.6 (V4), 701@1%, 56.4 (V2)
    Verified RMS 14.4V Per Channel 2Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 1290@1%, 108.9 (V4), 1242@1%, 101.2 (V2)
    Verified RMS 14.4V Per Channel 1Ohm (Watts)@(THD), (Amps), (Version) 2124@1%, 184.5 (V4), 2024@1%, 182.5 (V2)
    Frequency Response (Hz) 10-180
    THD Continuous 4 Ohm 1Khz/100Hz (%) <0.1
    Signal To Noise Ratio (db) >96
    LPF (Hz) 40-180
    Bass Boost (Db) 0-12
    Boost Frequency (Hz) 30-80
    Subsonic Filter (Hz) 0-50
    Audio Signal Input Voltage (V) 0.2-8
    LPF Slope (Db/Oct) 12
    Subsonic Filter Slope (Db/Oct) 12
    Amplifier Topology Class D
    Amplifier Strappable? Not Recommended - No Warranty 2Ohm
    Fuse Rating (Amps) 250
    Recommended Wiring Kit and Accessories PWK0.1 RCA5.1
    Minimum Recommend Final Load Per Channel (Ohms) 1

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