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How It Works...
Todays diesel engines have many sensors which are controlled by the vehicles ECU these signals are processed many thousands of times in one second to maintain that the vehicle is running at its optimum efficiency and keeping the emissions and economy at acceptable levels.

The idea behind the tuning box is to intercept the signal between the ECU and the injection system usally the common rail and basically allows it to inject more fuel into the cylinders thus producing more torque and power, and because of this the engine is running more efficiently the fuel consumption is also improved because you would have to use less throttle for similar conditions.

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  • Diesel Tuning
  • More Performance
  • Greater Economy
  • No wires to cut
  • Diesel Tuning UK Ltd Intelligent Multi-channel Petrol & Diesel Tuning Boxes For Your Car, Van Or Motor Home. Dyno Proven gains in performance and economy with simple plug and play installation.

    Virtually all of the Petrol and Diesel Performance Systems we supply are "Plug and Play". They are manufactured in Germany using Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) connectors matching those used in the vehicle exactly. Our Tuning Boxes simply plug in to the vehicles existing plugs to increase the engines performance and economy No wires to cut, simply plug in and drive keeping your vehicles warranty intact.

    Once you have bought and fitted your Petrol or Diesel Tuning Box from Ram you can expect between 20-40% more power and torque. You will also notice that your engine will run with a new smoothness that has to be driven to be believed. Low down "flat spots" will virtually disappear on your vehicle – we tune Cars, Vans, Motorhomes, Tractors, Trucks, Wagons and more - and will pull through the gears with much more ease. You should also see an improvement in your vehicles fuel economy too, usually a 10-15% improvement is achievable as your engines efficiency is optimised.

    DTUK Performance Systems sit between the vehicle’s ECU and fuel injection system via the common rail, fuel injectors and other sensors depending on application. If you require any further information please contact us phone or email.

    The latest Multichannel Petrol and Diesel Tuning Boxes including updated processors complete with dyno proven software written and developed in-house by DTUK® which can include RPM detection* (*relates to our CRD3+ Tri-Channel Tuning Box)
    Fully Adjustable Digital Petrol and Diesel Tuning Boxes Up to 40% gain in Power and Torque
    German Manufactured, with over 3,000 genuine TuV Approved applications
    Up to 20% improvement in Fuel Economy (depending on driving style)
    Programmed specifically for your car, van, motorhome or tractor
    Lower emissions, helping to lower your CO2 output
    Improved throttle response with smoother drive
    Improved low rev range Torque, which is ideal for towing
    Suitable for Automatic Transmissions and for vehicles fitted with a diesel particulate filter, including the latest Euro 6
    5 Year* "New for Old" Module Warranty for complete peace of mind.(*subject to terms and conditions)
    Transferable to your next vehicle (depending on injection type, please contact us for details)
    Simple 10 minute average self-fitment,or Nationwide Fitting via our Dealer Network (contact us for details and costs)
    24 Hour UK based technical support via email and phone
    Family owned and ran since 2005
    Next Day Delivery via Royal Mail Special Delivery (UK only)
    14 Day Money Back Guarantee

    So why don't the manufacturers do this....?
    You may have wondered why a manufacturer can have the same engine in different models but they can have different power outputs.

    This is not due to the engine mechanics as they are usually built to the same standard, but its down to the software installed into the ECU which governs the engines output.

    Manufacturers do this because of the strict emissions regulations and tax bands especially for the company owned driver. Many countries around the world relate their tax levels to the KW output of a vehicle or the emission levels.

    All DTUK Systems have been designed to be compact and easy to fit they are supplied complete with the correct OEM wiring loom and connectors for the vehicle application and can be installed with the minimal of mechanical ability thus making it an ideal diy project, most units can be fitted in around an hour.

    Guarantee - All DTUK Digital Tuning systems come with a 3 Year Warranty.
    Easy to fit

    Increased performance
    Diesel Tuning Performance Systems Diesel Tuning Performance Systems Diesel Tuning Performance Systems

    Q) Why is a DTUK Diesel Tuning system better than a 'chip' or remap?

    A) We are often asked which tuning option is 'best' and there simply isn't a one-fits-all answer to the question.

    Professional, reputable, remaps certainly have their place, especially on a vehicle that has or will have an extensively modified engine. A remap will tailor a vehicle to an uprated turbo, FMIC, etc, far more effectively than a tuning system.

    For the average driver who is looking for a safe upgrade that will provide power, economy and enhanced drivability, a DTUK tuning system is the way forward.

    The majority of our systems can be fitted in less than half an hour. All come with full colour fitting instructions and first class telephone customer support. Be very wary of anyone who can 'flash' a remap to your car in that period of time as it is most likely a generic map downloaded off the internet and loaded from their laptop.

    All our systems offer a range of adjustability not available with a remap or chip. As each vehicle is built to a manufacturing tolerance, no two are the same. The same is true of each driver. As such, adjustability is required so that the customer can tailor the system to their vehicle and driving style.

    Many engines are shared between manufacturers, as are components and technologies. As such, most DTUK tuning systems are transferrable between a variety of vehicles, often only requiring a software change (free to existing customers) or a change of loom (charged at a trade price to existing customers). Alternatively, if nothing can be done to transfer an existing system to a new application, an existing customer can purchase a suitable system at a trade price.

    DTUK tuning systems are well known across internet forums and popular auction sites. As such they command a healthy resale value should you choose to sell the system on when you change vehicle, whereas a remap or soldered chip would stay with the vehicle and your investment would be lost.

    A remap or chip can also cause you issues should your vehicle visit a garage, dealership or be subject to a warranty repair or recall. Firstly, It is standard practice in many workshops to automatically perform a full software update on any modern vehicle that goes in for work. This update is highly likely to overwrite any aftermarket software (remap) installed on the vehicle. Secondly, the presence of a remap or the physical alterations (breaking the seal on a factory ECU, etc) required to install a chip will immediately invalidate any manufacturer or aftermarket warranty

    Manufacturers Covered
    Alfa Romeo
    John Deere
    Land Rover
    Massey Ferguson
    New Holland
    Range Rover
    Saab Iveco
    Volkswagen Marine
    Volvo Penta

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