Dynamat Extreme

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Kit contains nine 18" x 32" pieces of Dynamat Xtreme for rear decks, doors, floors and trunk floors. 457mm x 812mm or 18" x 32" 36 Square foot coverage per pack

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Whenever you are fitting car speakers you must include in your budget the cost of 2 x rolls of Dynamat as a minimum to get the very best out of your purchase. We have been using this product for many years and the extra performance gained in sound reproduction is well worth the initial outlay.?

Dynamat Xtreme is a patented, lightweight elastomeric butyl and aluminum constrained-layer vibrational damper. Dynamat Xtreme conforms and fuses easily to sheet metal and other hard substrates. Material performance is optimized for temperature ranges between 14F and 140F (- 10C to +60C). Material can withstand temperature extremes between -65F and +300F (-54C to +149C) and is highly resistant to aging.
Acoustic Properties:
The acoustic loss factor "n" is used as a measure of a material's ability to damp structure-borne sound by stating how much vibrational energy (in steel sheets for instance) is converted to heat rather than sound. For constructions containing several layers of damping material, the combined loss factor "n comb" is used. The theoretical maximum loss factor is 1 (no vibration). An undamped 1mm thick steel panel has a loss factor of roughly 0.001 at 200 Hz.

Dynamat Xtreme applied to that panel would increase the loss factor to 0.417 @ +20C (+68F). Multiple layers of Dynamat Xtreme improve sound damping even more.

Dynamat Xtreme can be die cut to shape and placed onto the body surface directly on painted panels or after the sheet metal is cleaned before painting (typically at the sealer application operation). Dynamat Xtreme is used to treat metal panels, partitions, ducts, doors, bins, panels, and so forth in railroad cars, buses, automobiles, and ships. It is also used for ventilation ducts, relay cabinets, steel furniture, home appliances, sink units, computer equipment, machine tools and many other objects that suffer from vibration-produced noise.

Use scissors, knife or die to cut Dynamat Xtreme to the desired size and shape before removing the release liner. Next, remove dust, grease, moisture, and other foreign matter from the application surface. Peel off the release liner. The simplest application technique is to bend the mat slightly and attach it along its shortest edge. Press the mat firmly into place, using a roller for larger pieces. The roller reduces the risk of leaving air pockets, which reduce Dynamat's sound damping capacity. The temperature of the mat and application surface should not be below room temperature during fitting. Heating the material is not necessary.
Chemical Resistance:
Resistant to water and mineral oils
Adhesive Peel Strength (Bond strength):
42.6 lbs/inch (74.8N/cm) on cold steel
Federal Standards Tests:
FMVSS 302 Meets
Handling and Application:
Store material at room temperature for best application
Material must be stored horizontally in its wrapping

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