Echo Master Front and Rear Parking Sensors

from £149.00

4 front and 4 rear 19mm parking sensors, complete with a dashboard display for fronts and buzzer for rear. Sensors can be professionally painted to match the vehicle at an extra cost of £80.

  • Supply Only - Price £149.00
    Including Workshop Fitting - Price from £299.00
    Including Location Fitting - Price from £329.00
  • Complete Front and Rear Parking Sensor Kit
  • Sensors can be colour coded
  • Take out the hassle by letting one of our highly trained technicians install your Echo Master Front and Rear Parking Sensors for you.

    Please note : Additional fitting components are usually required subject to the make and model of your vehicle which we can quote you for prior to the installation.

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    This is our best selling front and rear 8 x sensor parking sensor kit and is a great value product, you get the Echo Master with Buzzer Rear Sensors and the Echo Master with Display Front Sensors.

    Parking Sensors Systems utilise ultrasonic sensor technology. These sensors sense the proximity of any objects up to 1.5 meters away from the rear of the vehicle, and approximately 1 meter from the front of the vehicle, and work out the positions of the objects making maneuvering far safer in crowded car parks or especially in winter during dark nights and mornings, or in bad weather.
    The rear parking sensors are automatically activated when reverse gear is selected. The front sensors are activated by each press of the brake pedal and can also be controlled by a separate on off switch. An audible indication is given every time the relevant sensors are selected to inform that that they are working. Different audible indications are given depending on how close to the object your vehicle is. The further away the vehicle is, the slower the beep. The first warning zone begins at 1.2 metres with a slow audible beeps and becomes progressively quicker and shorter as the vehicle moves closer to an object. When the rapid audible warning beep changes to a constant tone, the vehicle is at a distance of 0.45 metres. this means that the vehicle is close enough to an object to indicate that damage could be caused if the vehicle travels any further.
    Our fitting center here in Wakefield is easily reached from junction 40 of the M1 making neighbouring towns and cities including Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, Doncaster and Huddersfield etc within easy reach. Wakefield is well served by other major roads including the M62 and the A1 so no matter where you are we can be easily reached.

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