Focal Flax Cone 6'' & 3'' 3-Way Component Kit


The 3 speakers are equipped with the new Flax cone that provide a neutral sound without coloration, more dynamic and natural reproduction. The 165 mm (6''1/2) woofer offers very low deep bass. The 80 mm (3'') compact mid-range is easy to install. This kit benefits from a new design: the baskets are in Black Mat Aluminum engraved with Focal's logo and ally modernism and tradition.

  • Focal 3 Way Speakers
  • Fits VW Golf and many more!
  • Processed Aluminum/Magnesium inverted dome tweeter for smoothness and definition without directivity. The tweeter is equipped with the new poron suspension for long life.
    The speakers are completed by an audiophile crossover that offer adjustable level for tweeter and medium.

    High power handling
    Very low deep bass
    Compact mid-range
    Detailed sound stage
    Unique and patented Flax cone (N1350116)
    A new sound for a new 100% Focal signature
    Made in France
    New Design

    [Nominal power 50W]
    Maximum power 100W
    Sensitivity (2,83V/1m) 83.6dB
    Cone Flax
    Surround Butyl
    Nom. impedance 8 Ohms
    DC resistance 6.2 Ohms
    VC diameter 25mm 02/2+3/3"
    VC height 8mm
    Former Kapton
    Layers 2
    Wire Alu
    Xmax +/- 2mm 01/16"
    Magnet d x h 32.9 x 22.3mm 15/16 x 07/8
    Magnet weight 110g 0.22lb
    Flux density 1.2T
    Gap height 4mm 03/16"
    Net weight 180g 0.36lb
    Crossover cut-off 300 Hz - 3500 Hz
    Fs 200Hz
    Vas 0,2l
    Qts 1.2
    Qes 1.3
    Qms 15.8
    Re 6.2 Ohms
    Sd 30.2cm2
    Cas 1.37E-08 m5/N
    Mas 460.8 Kg/m4
    Ras 36650
    Cms 150 m/N
    Mms 4.2 g
    Rms 0.33 Kg/s
    Ces 166.9 mF
    Les 3.8 mH
    Res 45.975.35
    BI 5 N/A
    SPL 82.6 dB/W/m

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