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FPX 2.750

The FPX 2.750 is a very compact 2-channel amplifier with a power of 2x220 Watts RMS at 4 Ohms. Thanks to its 2-/1-channel mode, its stability at 2 Ohms, the numerous settings and the output lines, the FPX 2.750 is an extremely versatile solution. Its very high power makes it just as ideal for multi-channel systems as it is for powering a subwoofer. Offering high power and musicality, this amplifier is ideal for getting the best out of the high-end speaker drivers in our Performance line.

2-/1-channel Class D amplifier
Active crossover and subsonic filter
Stable at 2 Ohms
Output lines

  • Key points
  • • D Class – Stereo - Powerfull and Compact
  • • Stable under 2 Ohms
  • • Audio Mos-Fets - Optimized efficiency
  • • High performance compact heat dissipation chassis
  • • High power and current dynamic reserve
  • • Included remote
  • For an amplifier to provide high power and musicality, efficiency and heat dissipation are two essential qualities.

    In order to optimise these aspects, FPX amplifiers have been given a thick aluminium chassis (3/8″ / 9.5 mm for the top, 11/16″ / 17.5 mm for the sides).

    The distribution of the components on the motherboard was also carefully researched to optimise the cooling capacity of the chassis.

    The careful selection of each Class D component (switching power supply, oversized toroidal transformers and high-quality capacitors) has made it possible to create powerful but compact amplifiers with excellent musicality.

    The FPX 2.750 only measures 9 x 513⁄64 x 23⁄32″ (23.7 x 13.2 x 5.3 cm).


    Very compact and easy to integrate, the FPX 2.750 is a very powerful amplifier designed to meet the expectations of enthusiasts for powerful hi-fi installations.

    The FPX 2.750 delivers a power of 2x220 Watts RMS at 4 Ohms. Two Ohms stereo stable, it offers a high power of 2x385 Watts RMS. Functioning in bridged mode for handling a subwoofer channel, the FPX 2.750 delivers 1x770 Watts RMS at 4 Ohms. With such high power, the FPX 2.750 has no problem driving a big subwoofer system.

    Its adjustable active crossover, low-pass/high-pass or wideband, will enable you to perfectly adjust the amplifier’s sonic response according to the speaker drivers used.

    In order to efficiently drive a subwoofer channel, the FPX 2.750 features bass correction, a subsonic filter for blocking very low frequencies (a source of distortion and parasite vibrations) and a remote control for controlling the bass from the driving seat.

    To take into consideration head units which don’t have enough outputs, the FPX 2.750 has a pair of output lines for transmitting the audio signal to a second amplifier.

    FPX 2.750 settings


    A powerful and ultra-compact amplifier
    Perfect for powering subwoofer systems or multi-channel systems
    Optimised heat dissipation
    Extremely versatile
    Remarkable power/performance/price ratio

    Technical Specifications
    c r e ate y o ur so u n d
    Focal® is a Focal-JMlab® brand- Tel (33) (0)4 77 43 57 00 - - Product may vary from images. Photos by L’Atelier Sylvain Madelon - SCAB151207/1
    D Class amplifier - Stereo / Mono
    CEA power (4 ohms) 2x220 Wrms
    Maximum power (2 ohms) 2x385 Wrms
    Maximum power (bridged 4 ohms)
    1x770 Wrms
    Bandwidth 20Hz – 20KHz
    Total harmonic distortion 0.01%
    SNR (1W/A) >76dBA
    Configurable filters High Pass / Low Pass
    Subsonic filter 20Hz-50Hz
    Bass boost (0/12dB)
    Full range function
    Protections Short circuit / low impedance /
    reversal of polarity / DC / power drop / heat protection
    Dimensions (LxHxW)
    9x513& 8260;64x23&
    Weight 4.40lbs (2kg)

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