Focal Utopia BE KIT N7


  • 6 3-way reference system
  • Pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter
  • W sandwich composite woofer cone
  • W sandwich composite midrange cone
  • Crossblock N7 crossover
  • Compact woofer with damping
  • Kick panel mounting for midrange
  • Ready for biwiring
  • Running-in period
    The drivers used in the Uopia
    Be Line are made up of complex
    mechanical elements and requires
    an adaptation period before they
    deliver their full potential. They must
    get adapted to the temperature
    and humidity conditions of their
    environment. This running-in period
    depends on the encountered conditions
    and can last several weeks.
    In order to shorten this period,
    we advise you to let your speaker
    operate for about twenty hours at
    medium level, playing standard
    music programs, but with a large
    amount of bass. Once the components
    of the speaker are completely
    stabilized, it is possible to
    enjoy the real p

    Type 3 way, 61/2" (16.5cm) "W"
    woofer, 3" (8cm) "W" midrange,
    1" (2.5cm) Beryllium tweeter
    Frequency response 55Hz to 40kHz
    Sensitivity (2.83V/1M) 89dB
    Power handling 100W
    Nominale impedance 4 ohms
    Voice-coil diameter 11/2" (40mm) et 1" (25mm)
    Voice-coil height 7/8" (17mm) et 5/16 (8mm)
    Xmax 1/4" (5.5mm)
    Crossblock dim. (LxHxP) 13"x21/4"x103/8"

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