Heatshot Heated Windscreen Washer System

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Ultimate Summer or Winter Car Accessory that provides instant hot water to help keep your screen clean.

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  • Heated Windscreen Washer System
  • Clears Blocked Nozzles
  • Keeps Windscreen Clear
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    This product will keep your windscreen clear whilst driving, especially on motorways when splattered with bugs and other smears of grease, or freezing spray in Winter, can make driving dangerous, and no one wants to stop on the hard shoulder to clear their screen in these sort of conditions.

    The Heatshot Unit is the effective and affordable solution for quickly clearing and cleaning snow,frost, bugs, bird droppings, road oil and more from windscreens. Installed between the windscreen washer fluid tank and the exterior spray nozzles, it heats and delivers hot wiper fluid on demand to your windscreen via your vehicle’s factory installed washer system. Efficiently powered through your car’s battery, designed to limit windscreen wiper wear and easy to install, it is an all-season option to save any driver time, money and trouble.
    Not only does the Heatshot unit save you time by reducing the need to leave the engine idling in order to defrost the windshield, but there are also significant environmental and fuel-saving benefits.

    Reducing Vehicle Idling
    A vehicle is idling when its engine is running but it is not moving. One of the primary reasons drivers leave their vehicles idling is to defrost the windshield in the winter, leaving the vehicle at risk of theft.
    Air Pollution, Wasted Fuel and Money Unnecessary idling releases a variety of pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particulate matter and other chemicals that form ground-level ozone and contribute to global warming.
    Idling wastes fuel and money. When idling, a typical diesel-powered truck burns almost a gallon of fuel per hour. Drivers that eliminate unnecessary idling can save significantly in fuel each year. For instance, by not idling 30 minutes a day for one year, a truck driver saves 125 gallons of diesel.
    Engine Wear-and-Tear Extended idling causes engine damage. Diesel engines were designed to operate at peak efficiency when running wide open. At low idle, the cylinder temperature drops causing incomplete combustion, which in turn leads to carbon build up on the valves. Engine manufacturers generally recommend that drivers limit idling.

    Pros and Cons

    Does not work from a cold start.
    Does not release stuck wipers.
    Does not work efficiently until the car is fully warmed up.
    Does not clear blocked or frozen nozzles.

    The Heatshot Difference
    Heatshot system heats fluid in seconds.
    Releases stuck wipers and clears blocked or frozen nozzles.

    Heated Wiper Blade
    Stops blades sticking or “chattering” in inclement weather.
    Needs to be replaced frequently (and is very expensive).
    Does not clean the windscreen, clear ice buildup on the windscreen, or unblock frozen nozzles.
    Needs to be plugged into the vehicle cigarette lighter. Has a wire running from the cigarette lighter out the car window.

    The Heatshot Difference
    Heatshot frees stuck wipers and keeps the rubber softer for greater effectiveness (and longer life). Cleans windscreen, clears ice buildup, and unblocks nozzles. Operates at the touch of a button.

    Heated Nozzle
    Clears blocked nozzles.
    Does not heat the fluid to remove ice/snow/frost from the windscreen.

    The Heatshot Difference
    Heatshot immediately clears frozen nozzles with a shot of steam, then instantly heats the fluid to remove ice, snow, and frost from the windscreen in a minute or two.

    Heated Washer Fluid Reservoir
    Takes a long time to heat up the reservoir. Each time it heats up, some antifreeze evaporates from the fluid. Loss of antifreeze can result in the remaining fluid in the reservoir freezing solid.

    The Heatshot Difference
    Heatshot only heats the precise amount of fluid that is needed, on demand. Heatshot does not draw power from the engine’s heating system or radiator hoses.

    Heated Windscreen
    Melts snow and ice, but takes longer than heated fluid.
    Costly to install and replace.
    Does not clear frozen nozzles or wiper blades or clean the windscreen.

    The Heatshot Difference
    Heatshot melts snow and ice in seconds. Heatshot releases frozen nozzles and wiper blades and cleans windscreens all year round, in all weather conditions.

    Heated Windscreen Scraper
    Removes light ice and frost.
    Can only be used when the car is stationary.
    Does not work efficiently until the car is fully warmed up.
    Requires driver to stand outside in cold weather (scrapers are heated by being plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter).

    The Heatshot Difference
    Heatshot works whether the car is on the move or stationary. It’s cold out there.

    De-icing Fluid
    Melts light ice or frost forming on the windscreen but does not eliminate scraping heavy frost or ice.
    Takes a relatively long time and uses a large quantity of fluid; inefficient and expensive.
    Contains harsh, dangerous chemicals that are harmful to the environment.
    Does not free wiper blades.
    Does not unblock nozzles effectively.

    The Heatshot Difference
    Heatshot uses heated fluid, which cleans and clears better than cold fluid. It works in all weather conditions removing even heavy ice and frost, and Heatshot also quickly unblocks nozzles and releases wiper blades.

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