Hertz HX300


Want to upgrade your bass, then this is the one for you..! Same as its little brother, the HX250 but now in the "go large" 12" variety. This baby really packs a punch.

hertz hx300 subwooferHi-Energy HX Subwoofers represent the highest technological expression in terms of low frequency reproduction. The V-cone provides wide acoustic dispersion, making the sound even more powerful. The forced ventilation system provided by the venting holes on the bottom plate, along with a specifically designed extended centre pole piece and the materials selected for the voice coil, combine for high thermal dissipation. The ultra-light aluminium basket, with its spoke shared profile, reduces any unwanted resonance from the chassis itself. The special finishing materials and the rubber protection covering the magnetic assembly, besides decreasing resonance, add an aggressive, stylistic cosmetic look. The engineered balance of the electro-acoustic parameters make the HX subwoofers suitable for sealed acoustic suspension enclosures as well as vented reflex enclosures, generating powerful, dynamic low frequency response.

The Hertz HX300 In Car Audio Subwoofer is ideal for those of you looking to maximize bass from a single 12" woofer.


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