JL Audio ACS112LG-TW1


JL Audio ACS112LG-TW1 Amplified Subwoofer System with Single 12TW1-0.25 Subwoofer Driver, Built-In 400W Class D Amplifier, Black Carpet - Sealed Enclosure

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  • Top Quality J L Audio
  • Amplified Subwoofer System with Single 12TW1-0.25 Subwoofer Driver
  • Built-In 400W Class D Amplifier, Black Carpet - Sealed Enclosure

  • In PowerWedge+™ systems, the power is built right into the subwoofer system. Housing a proprietary Class D amplifier, this subwoofer system employs our exclusive DCD™ amplifier technology to extract maximum output from its specially engineered, ultra low-impedance TW1 driver. By combining direct power conversion with an ultra-high current output section, DCD™ amplifiers are free of conventional switching power supplies, enabling them to generate remarkable power with unprecedented efficiency.
    Harnessing the performance and insanely small box requirements of the TW1 subwoofer driver, this subwoofer system is designed to deliver amazing sub-bass from an enclosure that is only 6.625 in. (168 mm) deep. Its low-profile enclosure design has been carefully engineered to the optimum sealed enclosure alignment for the 12TW1 driver and has been fine-tuned through extensive real-world listening.
    Integration to OEM and aftermarket head units is a snap thanks to a variety of input options and automatic turn-on capability (via signal sensing or DC offset sensing). Also included is a variable frequency low-pass filter (50-200 Hz), along with output polarity control switch. Adding an optional RBC-1 remote level control (sold separately) lets you control subwoofer levels directly from the driver’s seat. A quick-disconnect power connector makes it easy to remove the subwoofer when you need the extra space.
    Note: DCD™ amplified systems use very specific components. Never use a DCD™ amplifier or its companion subwoofer(s) with incompatible, non-DCD™ products. Doing so will void the warranty and may cause severe damage.
    Finish: Black, high-grade automotive carpet with silver "JL AUDIO Built In USA" embroidery on front baffle. A steel mesh grille is included to protect the subwoofer driver.
    Construction: CNC-Cut High-Grade MDF
    Amplifier power: Built-in DCD™ Class D amplifier (400 W @ 0.25 Ω)
    Nominal Impedance: 0.25 Ω
    Enclosure and Subwoofer Made in USA

    DCD™ Amplifier Technology
    The most efficient subwoofer amplifier technology on the market delivers impressive power with minimal current draw and heat.
    Detailed Information:
    The conventional way to get high power in a car amplifier is to use a switching power supply. This increases the battery voltage from its nominal 12V to something higher–the more powerful the amplifier, the greater the required voltage. This power conversion is never perfectly efficient–about 10% of what goes into the amplifier is wasted and ends up dissipating into heat.
    JL Audio's Direct Conversion Class-D Technology (DCD™) innovates by eliminating the need for this power conversion step entirely. Because we are still bound by the laws of physics, the lack of a step-up power supply means we have to extract as much power as possible from the vehicle's 12V supply. If we were to connect a DCD™ amplifier to a conventional 4-ohm subwoofer with this limitation in place, we would only achieve about 25 watts, and we all know that powering a subwoofer requires a lot more power than this.
    To overcome this obstacle, the DCD™ amplifiers have been designed to drive extremely low impedance speaker loads–as low as 1/4-ohm (0.25 ohm)! With these very low impedance loads, we can deliver up to 500 watts of clean power, subwoofer power. Those who know Ohm's law and that nothing is free realize that this will require a lot of current to flow, and that's exactly what DCD™ is engineered to deliver...over 50 Amps peak into a speaker!
    To deal with these high current amounts, the special, very low-impedance JL Audio subwoofer drivers used with DCD™ amplifiers are engineered with unique voice coils and tinsel leads. Connections between the amplifier and speaker are made using special heavy gauge speaker cable, with special attention paid to connection integrity to deal with the high current output.
    The benefit of all this effort is that DCD™ amplifiers completely avoid the losses associated with a switching power supply, allowing the entire amplifier to achieve total power efficiencies in the 91-94% range. This is very close to the theoretical limit for Class-D efficiency and results in very little heat being generated. All of this allows for a very compact, powerful amplifier that can fit in some of our most space-efficient enclosed systems.

    Continuous Power Handling (RMS) Built-in amplifier 400 W @ 0.25 & 937;
    System Nominal Impedance 0.25 & 937;
    Input Voltage Range @ RCA Inputs 70 mV - 1.40 V RMS
    Input Voltage Range @ High-Level Inputs 280 mV - 5.4 V RMS
    Recommended Copper Power / Ground Wire Gauge 8 AWG wire
    Fuse Rating 30 A (ATO or ATC)
    Enclosure Type Slot-ported, Low-profile
    Finish Black carpet
    Grille Included Black Steel Mesh
    Filter Mode(s) Low-Pass only
    Filter Slope(s) 12 dB/octave
    Filter Frequency Range 50 Hz - 200 Hz
    Output Polarity Switch Yes
    Remote Subwoofer Level Control Optional (RBC-1)

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