JL Audio Bass Pack 4

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Top of the range J L Audio Sub and Amp Package for those of you who will only settle for the best!

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    Including Workshop Fitting - Price from £799.00
  • JL Audio JL12W6v3-D4
  • JL Audio XD600 Amplifier
  • Wiring Kit
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    Top of the range JL Audio Sub and Amp Package featuring the very best JL Audio 12W6v3 sub-woofer and the XD600/1 mono-block amplifier. If you are seeking intensely powerful sub-bass that compromises nothing in terms of sound quality, the 12W6v3 is your ultimate ally. This highly advanced sub-woofer driver offers several technologies shared with the flagship W7AE sub-woofers to provide powerful advantages in motor linearity and suspension behavior. These combine with a very efficient cooling circuit to deliver reduced distortion and outstanding dynamic balance.
    The 12W6v3 is best used with amplifier power in the 200W - 600W range and is optimized to operate in a sealed enclosure with only 1.0 cu. ft. (28.3 l) of air space, or a 1.3 cu. ft (36.8 l) ported enclosure.
    Greater excursion capability and higher power handling distinguish it from our 12W3v3 12-inch subwoofer driver, allowing for higher output. Dual 4 Ω voice coils permit deploying the W6v3 as a 2 Ω or 8 Ω driver.

    The amazingly small XDv2 amplifiers are huge in audio performance, thanks to our advanced NexD switching technologies.
    These technologies allow XDv2 amplifiers to achieve efficiencies exceeding 80%, meaning far less heat and strain on your vehicle's electrical system than a conventional large amplifier would generate. This efficiency advantage, combined with state-of-the-art microelectronic components, allows us to use very compact unitary cast alloy heat sinks. Just like their more expensive HD siblings, XDv2's deploy our Advanced Thermal Rollback System to completely eliminate annoying thermal shut-down events. The end result is outstanding audio performance and reliability in a compact amplifier that is easy to install in the tightest spaces.
    Product Line Overview
    Beneath every XDv2's removable control cover, you will find studio-grade signal processing with fully variable crossover filters. Also included are our noise-killing, highly flexible differential-balanced inputs with remote level control capabilities via the HD-RLC remote level control (optional). The v2 Spec feature set consists of automatic turn-on capability (via signal sensing or DC-offset sensing) and a dual-range differential-balanced input section able to handle a wide range of input voltage levels.
    Some might just see a small amplifier, but for those who appreciate great audio, XDv2's reveal something huge.

    12W6v3-D4 12-inch (300 mm) Subwoofer Driver, Dual 4 &
    Continuous Power Handling (RMS) 600 W
    Recommended Amplifier Power (RMS) 200 - 600 W
    Nominal Impedance (Znom) Dual 4 & 937;
    @ 4 & 937; 400 W RMS x 1
    @ 3 & 937; 500 W RMS x 1
    @ 2 & 937; 600 W RMS x 1
    @ 1.5 & 937; N/A

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