Meta Trak Shield GPS device for car

from £239.00

Meta Trak Shield Self Tracked GPS device for car solution, including First Years Subscription FREE worth £55.00!

Subscription Included
Options for 1 or 3 years subscription are included in the cost, and with a 3 year warranty on the hardware as standard, you can be sure your investment is covered.

​We offer very competitive re-subscription rates and the ability to swap the unit to a new asset if required.

  • Supply Only - Price £239.00
    Including Workshop Fitting - Price from £289.00
    Including Location Fitting - Price from £299.00
  • Self Tracking
  • Not Insurance Approved
  • Only £55.00 Per Year Subscription
  • Remote Immobilisation option
  • Alarm Trigger option
  • Driver Recognition Fobs option
  • Take out the hassle by letting one of our highly trained technicians install your Meta Trak Shield GPS device for car for you.

    Please note : Additional fitting components are usually required subject to the make and model of your vehicle which we can quote you for prior to the installation.

    Contact us on 01924 201884 or email to book your appointment.

    This is an innovative entry level GPS tracking system designed to bridge the gap between a full blown fleet management system and a stolen vehicle tracking system, and will suit anyone wishing to keep track of their vehicle or small fleet 24/7 with cheap subscriptions. Location gps tracking device for car.

    Meta Trak App
    With useful everyday features such as battery monitoring alerts, tow away notifications, driver score profile, journey history and live google traffic info, the Meta Trak app is a useful everyday tool.

    ​These features give you control over the location of your asset via the in built GPS transmitter and the information you want to receive from it.

    Key Features
    •Easy activation by the installer app
    •Live tracking via the Mobile/Tablet App
    •Web Platform - locate on demand
    •12 and 24 volt compatible
    •3 Year Warranty
    •European Cover as standard
    •Transferable from vehicle to vehicle
    •One year subscription £55 incl. VAT Included FREE for the first year
    •Three year subscription £155 incl. VAT

    Options include
    Remote Engine Immobilisation £39.00 plus fitting
    Alarm Trigger to Alert Alarm Activation £29.00 plus fitting
    Driver Recognition Fobs £29.00 plus coding

    Please ask for details on this unique product.

    12 and 24 volt install options
    Waterproof in-car box fits easily to battery
    3 year warranty
    European cover as standard
    Transferable from vehicle to vehicle
    Self-tracking/management solution
    Latest Satellite Tracking
    Journey Scoring
    Journey history
    Real-time tracking via app/web
    Smartphone App
    Web Portal
    3yr Warranty
    European Coverage
    Driver Recognition (optional)
    Engine Immobilisation (optional)

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