NEW Range Rover Dual DVD Headrests

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Take out the hassle by letting one of our highly trained technicians install your NEW Range Rover Dual DVD Headrests for you.

Please note : Additional fitting components are usually required subject to the make and model of your vehicle which we can quote you for prior to the installation.

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NEW Model Range Rover and Range Rover Sport In Car TV and DVD System from Rosen.

If you have one of the new Range Rovers or Range Rover Sports and would like a rear seat DVD or TV system fitting then Rosen have the solution with their perfect match replacement headrests. You can choose to have a single DVD player with twin screens, or take the dual DVD option giving those in the rear the option to watch individual movies.

This is an actual example of an installation we carried out on a Range Rover Sport.

 New Range Rover Sport Rear TV's

With this system we simply replace your vehicles headrests with indentical replacements with the DVD players built in, giving a perfect factory finish, no fuss, no mess and no trailing wires.

Range Rover Sport Rear Seat Entertainment

Range Rover Sport Rear Seat Entertainment

Rosen perfect fit DVD headrests are available for all Range Rovers and Range Rover Sports, and options include a Digital TV Tuner, or linking your existing TV tuner to the Rosen screens, please ask for more details.

Please note this installation is based upon the older AV7900 model which is no longer available, the new version AV7950 does not include games and instead has a HDMI socket provided.

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