Parrot Bluetooth MKi9100

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This Parrot Bluetooth car kit is dedicated to conversation and music, with a simple blue OLED screen.

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  • Parrot Bluetooth Hands Free Kit
  • Music Streaming
  • USB and Aux Connections
  • Charge your phone
  • Play music
  • Parrot MKi9100 Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit
    The Parrot MKi9100 is a Bluetooth car kit screen hands-free system that blends in
    seamlessly inside any vehicle. A wireless remote control can be positioned on
    the steering wheel or dashboard and allows the driver to control all the
    functions of the MKi9100 with a wired display mounted on the dashboard giving
    information on call logs, access to phone book and caller ID etc
    In addition to conventional telephony functions its got pick up, hang up, dual
    calls. The Parrot MKi9100 boasts cutting edge telephony functions, automatic
    phonebook synchronisation, training free multi-speaker voice recognition,
    speech synthesis of the names in the phonebook, contact management (up to 2 000
    per phone). No need for a screen, the Parrot MKi9100 offers a voice menu for
    accessing its functions.

    Listen to your digital music in the car
    The Parrot MKi9100 is also gifted for music. Supplied with a specific cable, it is
    compatible with all music sources, such as iPods, iPhones, USB flash drives,
    Bluetooth stereo (A2DP) phones, MP3 players and any other analogue players.
    Music is delivered through all the car's speakers, giving the driver and passengers
    exceptional sound quality and the breathtaking effects (Virtual SuperBass)
    Double microphone for crystal-clear calls
    To ensure optimal audio quality when on the phone, the Parrot MKi9100 combines
    double microphone technology with new signal processing software (DSP-3) that
    eliminates background and surrounding noise, including noise from inside the
    car. For maximum listening quality, conversations are reproduced over the vehicle's
    speakers. The Parrot MKi9100 is a Bluetooth hands-free system compatible with
    all vehicle makes & works with all mobile phone brands..

    Features & benefits of the Parrot MKi9100
    Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR
    Supported profiles
    HFP (Hands Free Profile)
    A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)
    AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile)
    OPP (Object Push Profile)
    PBAP (Phone Book Access Profile)
    Maximum range 10 meters - 33 feet
    Pairing PIN code "0000"
     Up to 10 paired devices
     Automatic connection (enabled or disabled)
     External double microphone, direction is
     Full Duplex
     DSP-3 Echo cancellation, advanced noise
     Dispatch voice and music on car's speakers
     Multiple connectors iPod (from fifth
     USB and Line-In
    Play music from any Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP)
         compatibles devices
     Virtual Super Bass
     Digital Class-D 20W amplifier
     Automatic phonebook synchronization
     User-independent voice recognition
     Text To Speech vocal synthesis of the phonebook
     Number of contacts up to 8,000 in total; up to
         2,000 per paired phone
    Please note that your vehicle may need a specific connecting cable charged extra.

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