Saturn Evo High Security Locks

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Vans have always been a soft target for criminals. They are usually relatively easy to break into and the punishment if caught is soft, with charges seldom being bought and convictions for theft unlikely.

Van security has improved in recent years, however, manufacturers emphasise the convenience factor and it is a reality that their van security often has flaws with which thieves are all too familiar. It is a sad fact that today’s van operator must look at additional and aftermarket security measures to keep their vehicle safe.

  • Per lock fitted - Price £179.00
    Side and rear lock fitted - Price £329.00

Soft Target for Criminals
Conventionally aftermarket cylinder operated van deadlocks used to offer the best form of security but in recent years’ thieves have begun bypassing these with relative ease. Often thieves use ‘peel back’ (where a door is peeled back or downwards to allow entry) or simply pry the doors apart to bypass the bolt on the deadlock. A sobering thought when thousands of vehicles rely on this type of security every day to keep their cargo, tools or equipment safe.

So if thieves have developed new opening techniques why have the suppliers of deadlocks not improved the security they offer? The answer is simple. Deadlocks have limitations and with vans utilising more and more weight saving technology there is a limit to where the deadlocks can actually be installed. Instead of being installed in a position that maximises the security they offer they are often installed where the door can accommodate the lock.

EVOlved Security…
In order to address the increase threat and bypassing of conventional van security owners should be looking for systems that can address the tactics used by thieves’ head on…

SaturnEVO is that system. An EVOlved van security system which like a deadlock can offer an additional locking point but does not suffer from the weaknesses or restrictions of deadlock systems.

Manufactured from stainless steel offering a strong, quality, durable and solid visual deterrent against potential attacks. When locked, protection against door prying is achieved by interlocking the doors. Hardened steel, anti-drill cylinder defenders are a standard feature of the SaturnEVO system. Watch the attack test video here

The unique locking operation removes all pressure from the key and cylinder by rotating the complete body of the product. The integrated plastic dust cover does not grind against keys and mitigates dirt and dust ingress. This ensures hassle free, long life operation.

Unlike conventional van deadlock systems, SaturnEVO requires minimal installation and does not require extensive cutting or manipulation of a van’s bodywork or strengthening panels. Installation time is down to just 15 minutes per door thanks to the clever design and included adhesive drill template. The simple and intuitive twist locking operation makes using this superior van lock easier than ever.

SaturnEVO is always secured to the opening door and therefore always in place offering a high level of security when it is needed most. Unlike the restricted fitment and application of deadlocks, providing there is a flat surface, it can be positioned anywhere in order to maximise the security and to address the specific weaknesses on a vehicle.

Sold singularly at £179 each fitted or £329 for a side and rear pair.

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