Trackstar Cat 5 Land Rover

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The Land Rover Trackstar Cat 5 is the only tracker authorised by Land Rover for fitment to their range of vehicles, as is available for a fraction of the main dealer cost.

  • Including Workshop Fitting - Price from £699.00
    Including Location Fitting - Price from £750.00

Take out the hassle by letting one of our highly trained technicians install your Trackstar Cat 5 Land Rover for you.

Please note : Additional fitting components are usually required subject to the make and model of your vehicle which we can quote you for prior to the installation.

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The Land Rover Trackstar CAT5 system utilises a driver identification system as part of the
Thatcham Category 5 criteria.
All systems are supplied with two tags as standard.When the ignition is switched ON the system generates a coded message to a tag and requests its unique code to be returned. This forms the basis of a ‘Challenge
and Response’ protocol and on receipt of a recognised tag code the system will
authorise the use of the vehicle, which is confirmed with a single ‘beep’.
NB: several audible ‘beeps’ indicates that the tag battery is reaching the end of its normal life cycle
and should be replaced, however the system would have been authorised as normal.
Should the Trackstar CAT5 system not receive the correct code no ‘beep’ will be
generated by the system and an alert will be sent to the control desk stating that
the vehicle is moving illegally.
The system will automatically arm itself within one minute from when the
ignition is turned off and no additional action is required by the user.
It is essential that the keys and tags are not kept together. The tag(s) should NOT
be modified to be attached to a key ring with the ignition key, or left in the vehicle.
In the event of a theft, there could be issues with any insurance claim should it be
suspected that the keys and tags had been kept together or the tag left in the vehicle.
When the system will automatically generate alarms:
1. Should the vehicle move outside of a pre-set geozone, without a
recognised tag being presented, either by being driven, being towed or
on a recovery vehicle.
2. Should the vehicle battery be disconnected, or the internal system
battery back up reaches a critically low level.
The Land Rover Trafficmaster Trackstar Cat 5 is available at a very reasonable cost supplied and fitted and is suitable for the Land Rover Range Rover and Sport Models and the Evoque and Defender variants.
Subscriptions are £198.00 Per Annum.

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